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Sales Development Rep - Sales Analyst

$35k - $55k DOQ

Please send a direct email of introduction and your resume / CV / LinkedIn if potentially interested in this position.

We are early days in defining key deliverables and expectations, but the primary activity is supporting the existing sales and management team with: - contact / company / industry research (list development & targeting) - direct website inquiry response - prospect email campaigns - website chat engagement - prospect follow-ups - meeting / demo / event scheduling and follow-up With success in these areas there are many areas to grow into. Direct sales, marketing, customer success, product specialists (see other posting here https://snovalleyjobs.com/edison365/) and others.

Again, send a quick email introduction with resume etc.

Love new college grads, career switchers, work returns or others.

Specific experience not necessarily required (but desired). Eagerness, action, good communication skills and results are most important. We are a small but growing software company and now is a great time to join our team. https://blog.edison365.com/en/blog/edison365-ranked-in-gartner-and-g2s-top-tools

BTW, we live and breath innovation with a 4 Day Work week. (Still full time pay!) 

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Benefits include:


Paid Vacations

Flexible Scheduling

Work from Home Options

Updated 3/25/2022

Hiring Manager

Tad Haas

Phone 425-526-3119

Email: tad.haas@edison365.com

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