Ever notice a lot of people leaving the Valley for work? Twelve thousand people do this every work day. What if we could help just one person find their next ideal job here?

So if you happen to commute to Seattle every day, consider this. Assuming it costs 50 cents per mile, that commute costs you $575 per month or $6,900 per year.

We want to change that. We want you to have more time for family and friends. we want you to reinvest that money in yourself. Perhaps the other things you pay for like a meal out can be re-invested here, in our community. And the best thing of all, it saves on our natural resources and our roadways.

That’s exactly why the City of Snoqualmie, the City of North Bend, the SnoValley Chamber of Commerce and Umpqua Bank have joined together on this initiative, helping you find your next great job closer to home.

Thanks for stopping by. New jobs are added weekly, so if you haven’t found the right one yet, check back.

About the Author robwotton

Long-time Valley resident, Rob has been passionate about helping his community thrive. He serves as an Economic Development Commissioner for the City of Snoqualmie advocating for Highway 18 improvements, affordable housing, and local job creation. He is the cofounder and president of the SnoValley Innovation Center, treasurer of Trail Youth and past board member of Encompass and the SnoValley Chamber of Commerce. 

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