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Economic Development Director

The Economic Development Director’s role is to oversee the development of economic development planning including implementation of the Tribe’s business structure. This position will also be responsible for developing a structured process for assessing potential economic development and diversification opportunities and reporting to various parties including the Tribe’s General Membership.

Essential Duties:

Participate in the creation of Economic Development plans including goals, objectives, and work plan.
Develop, implement, and oversee Economic Development Department policies and procedures, subject to necessary approvals.
Supervise recruitment, development, and retention of possible future Economic Development employees reporting to the Director.
Establish strong partnerships with relevant internal tribal programs and outside entities to enhance the Snoqualmie Tribe’s economic development efforts.
Create, propose, and implement a process for researching other possible economic ventures which would help diversify the Tribe’s economy as an element of a comprehensive Economic Development plan.
Oversee the development of future approved enterprises assigned to the Director.
Regularly monitor the health of the Tribal enterprises and provide related reports.
Identify, apply for, manage, and report for grants and other possible funding sources and partnership opportunities for the Tribe’s economic development efforts.

Additional Duties:

The Tribe values its commitment to community service and the well-being of its members. In recognition of this, each employee may be expected to perform duties from time to time which may not be related to their regular responsibilities.
Other duties as assigned.
Demonstrate knowledge of principles and practices in the following administrative functions: Employment Law, Financial Management, Human Resources/Personnel, Property and Contract Management.
Must have experience and capability in planning and directing complex work projects, and the ability to develop, present and gain acceptance for long-range program plans and budgets.
Ability to work effectively with people regardless of their age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, or job type. Ability to be culturally sensitive.
Ability to accept responsibility and account for his/her actions.
Ability to perform work accurately and thoroughly.
Ability to actively attend to, convey, and understand the comments and questions of others.
Ability to use thinking and reasoning to solve a problem.
Ability to encourage others to seek opportunities for different and innovative approaches to addressing problems and opportunities.
Ability to communicate effectively, clearly, and concisely with others using both written and the spoken word.
Ability to deal with others in an antagonistic situation.
Ability to make critical decisions while following company procedures.
Ability to be truthful and be seen as credible in the workplace.
Ability to organize and direct oneself and effectively supervise others.
Ability to complete assigned tasks under stressful situations.
Must be proficient with computers and have extensive knowledge of Microsoft Office Programs.

Education & Experience:

Education Required:

Bachelor’s degree in public administration, business, or related field.

Education Preferred:

Master’s degree in public administration, business, or related field.


Seven to ten years of related experience as a director, overseeing economic development and experience working in Indian Country is required, more experience is preferred.


Must have and maintain a valid and unrestricted Washington State Driver’s License.

Other Requirements:

Must be able to pass a thorough pre-employment background investigation.
Must agree to be subject to the Tribe's Controlled Substance and Alcohol Testing Policy to include pre-employment screening.

Benefits include:


Retirement Plan

Paid Vacations

Flexible Scheduling

Employee Discounts

Job Updated 12/15/2023

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