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The Northwest Railway Museum was founded in 1955. We were incorporated as a non-profit corporation in the State of Washington in 1957. The Northwest Railway Museum’s mission is to develop and operate an outstanding railway museum that provides the public a place to experience the excitement of a working railway and to see and understand the significance of railroads in the development of Washington and adjacent areas. Through their involvement in settlement, industry, merchandise, transportation, and tourism; railways touched almost every aspect of life and even the physical landscape of the region. This in turn, impacted and changed everything and helped create the Pacific Northwest as we know it today. The Museum helps share this important story with the public and allows people of all ages to experience the wonder of a ride on a historic train. We are looking for community minded individuals to join our team and help share the importance of learning about the legacy of railroads with the hundreds of thousands of visitors that come to our community each year.

Visitors Service and Collections Assistant

Starting $17.00 Hour


The Visitor Services and Collections Assistant staffs the depot and/or Train Shed Exhibit Hall, sells tickets, and answers general questions. When not greeting the public they help the Collections Registrar with collections processing. 

Job Updated 5/13/2023

Hiring Manager

Richard Anderson


Phone: 425-888-3030 x 7206

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