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North Bend

We are an outdoor, overnight, environmental education center. We host 5th and 6th graders for overnight programming to learn outdoor science skills, explore our beautiful campus, and grow together! We are a part of the Highline School District.

Guest Outdoor Educator


(+$2.00/hour for specific degree holders, see job description for more info) 

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. This list is meant to be representative, not
exhaustive. Some incumbents may not perform all the duties listed while in other cases related duties may also
Job Description
Highline Public Schools 88R01ROEI Residential Outdoor Educator – Waskowitz Page 2 of 4
be assigned. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the
essential functions.
● Ensures the physical and emotional safety of students during Waskowitz programs: setting the tone for
safety and comfort throughout; i.e. regulating shower time with efficiency and locking all doors at night.
● Mentors and builds relationships with students assisting them in personal growth and leadership
exploration and development.
● Observes, evaluates and supports high school students teaching, assisting, or counseling during class,
cabin and meal times.
● Facilitates innovative and educational focused day and overnight programming. At times will be
responsible for overnight coverage.
● Assigned a focus area during outdoor school: Science/EE Curriculum and Instruction or HS Leadership
and Instruction. The HS Leadership and Instructional team resides in the dorms during overnight
● Designs and facilitates challenge-based programming.
● Does trail-work, spreads smiles around, assists in the kitchen, office, outside, or wherever/whatever else
is needed to ensure the overall success of the program.
● Assists staff, teachers, and students in all camp programs and campfires by singing, dancing, teaching,
being silly, having fun, and creating a sense of community that promotes a positive, inclusive
● Other related duties as assigned by the Waskowitz Administrative Team.

Job Posted 4/11/2024

Hiring Manager

Meredith von Trapp

Phone: 206-750-6974

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